The relationship between Architecture and Power has been the main character in the urban transformation with no space-time boundaries.
Architecture has historically demonstrated its Power in creating different urban landscapes capable of influencing spaces that are lived.
Power shows and has shown how Architecture is one of the most efficient tools to express ones vision about the world.
STUDIO#06 – POWER wants to investigate how to examine this continuous and difficult relationship within society and in contemporary experiences.

The constant relation between the communicative energy of architecture and human ambitions has determined a sometimes symbiotic practice of small and big architecture interventions. At the same time architecture’s formal power defines our perception of spaces, in each little transformation, in an ever-changing manner.

Which were and are in the historical and political scenario the dynamics, examples and the relations between Power and Architecture? In which way nowadays the pair Power-Architecture consciously or unconsciously transforms our cities and the spaces we inhabit?
Structurally organized in different ways of contribution – essays, insights, experiences, images – the issue is meant to be investigated by a multi-disciplinary global perspective in order to define its complexity.

The call for papers defines the field of interest of an issue and produces a context in which situate contributions.

They are accepting proposals for our forthcoming issue POWER
Contributions may be submitted in different forms – essays, photographic essay, illustrations, data visualizations, case studies and projects, interviews, comic strips and even novels – exploring the issue in any field of design: architecture, urbanism, art, photography, graphic design, film… etc.

STAGE 01 (Abstract) – January 25th 2014
- Contributors are asked to send a 200-word abstract about the proposal. – The abstract must be written in English
- Maximum size of the submission (image included if present): 2MB

STAGE 02 (Final Piece) – February 20th 2014
- Selected contributors are asked to send the final piece, following the guidelines below:
- Essays, interviews and novels should not exceed 3.000 words maximum. – All texts should be submitted digitally in Microsoft Word (.doc).
- The piece must be written both in English and in the Original language. Image/Graphic
- Photographic essays, illustrations, projects…etc. should be sent with a 500 words maximum description.
- All images should be submitted full color (CMYK), in either JPEG or TIFF format (300 ppi, 18×25 cm)
- All drawings should be submitted full color, in PDF format.
- For every image/graphic include illustration source, name of photographer/artist and the authorization of copyright holder.
- A short biography of the author/s (max. 50 words)

All submissions via e-mail to:

STAGE 01: January 25th 2014
STAGE 02: February 20th 2014

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