Our idea is to reinvent an space with the body and its senses.
When playing there’s the possibility of swinging between reason and intuition. Among the intelligible world and the sensitive world.
We will set a lab where acting bodies (players) will be the tools that we will use in the different experiments. Looking forward to stimulate the senses that are informing the environment, the internal and what happens between both.

We think the wastelands as opportunities for the expression of the being, as freedom spaces for the creative practice. The empty as a chance for the imagination. Where there’s nothing, everything can happen. Inside the urban scheme, full of stimulations, the wasteland appears as a breathe, a void in contrast with a complete which works generating hopes of change, of movement.
The body situated in this space of opportunity is forced to think itself, to look inside. Like an expansive metamorphosis that revolutionizes everything. It is our wish to take this power and explore its possibilities. What happens with the energy of the body when there is no physical/ social/ cultural/ moral limits?
The void as an impulse, is the engine of the artist and the imagination, its germ. We will try to identify, break, reformulate the progressive barriers/links between the inside and the outside: skin/ clothes/ architecture/ city.

The game as a format for work that allows us to perceive, imagine and transform the reality. Premises that will be structural guidelines of our experimental work.
These experiences will be repeated as much as wanted obtaining, this way, different unexpected results in constant mutation.
The experiments will relate:
And their mutual incidences
It is about perceiving and imagining all the situations that these relations are offering: textures, colors, temperatures, sounds, scales, Light, smells, movement and Speed.
Each game will have specific instructions that will have to adapt to different spatial or time conditions and also to the number of players. These experiences will be transformed into concept maps, audiovisuals, graphic, verbal or material (installations, drawings, images, sounds) which partial results will work as the starting engine for the next stage. Outlining this way, a path though intuition, mind, the virtual and the senses that we won’t know where it will take us.
Expand your mind. Improve your body. Have fun.

The workshop will take place on saturday 30 of june at 11:00 am. Limited entries, inscription required.
more info and subscription by email at

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Bodylab is a collective created in 2011 by a interdisciplinary group of architects and designers with the porpouse to generate new starting engines for the creative practice and conscience expansion trough direct contact between the body and its senses with the space and time.