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Contingence and Praxis

Over the last year, we have been preoccupied with the issues around contingency, of tents and refuge making. We found out, between all of us involved, a will to make of such, a collective participatory shared experience, that will happen over an intensive four days summer campus lab, where we all have to deploy our tools and knowledge in to a praxis, in to a making possible.

Our point of departure was the research by Escuela de Calor on her stay at our first summer camp site residence: Eme3 On Residence.

Here is the blog and a text that synthesise what we think contains essential questions we want you to ask yourselves for this time with us on the summer camp at ETSAV.

Escuela de Calor Summer Camp, Eme3 On Residence, Jul-2015. http://summercampresidence.tumblr.com/post/125589642659/the-ongoing-crisis-with-refugees-and-people

The core of the research will be concerned on how to make, or improvise a Camp Tent Prototype and the various uses we could have of it.

picture credits: Rubén Lara



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