Information pavilion of the Cultural European Capital of Donostia / San Sebastian 2016

We propose a design for San Sebastian’s (Donosti) public space.

An open working methodology with a simple idea: Designing San Sebastian’s future urban furniture and assemble them in the present as a whole pavilion. We’ve developed this sort of urban furniture catalogue that will be deployed around the city but only after being the “bricks” used to build the European Capital of Culture 2016 Pavilion.

Project precepts:

  1. Urban assembling
  2. Open Source design
  3. Distributed architecture

With this project we want to bring forward this cultural event as driving force for change for the city, using an open strategy to provide awareness of these changes once the event is over. San Sebastian will never be the same again. In 2017 all these building parts will be spread around the city as benches, street lights and other urban furniture to compose a new city landscape.


CREDITS: Alberto Rey, Estudio Tipi y Zuloark



ZULOARK  is an architectural infrastructure linked to the construction of open networks, thought to match with the necessity of evolving economic and entrepreneur models.

Zuloark is meant to be a Proximity Development Area; we rely on the knowledge and the experience of each individual member so we can teach each other how to do things we didn’t know before.