City without Houses aims to rethink and revalue the routines in the center of Moscow. Its authors extrapolate the meaning of the city, a field and a network of unexplored possibilities, by erasing one of the primary elements of the routines—the house itself. Following three persons and the way they work, eat, meet, rest and how they move between one another, the authors argue that today it is less important the amount of things that one possess. It is all about accessibility. In this regard, by shifting the perspectives when looking at the existing environment where everyone flourishes in their uniqueness, the project tries to uncover the opportunities that the city offers and the way people could dwell in it.

Vlado Danailov (1990, Gevgelija) is an architect and researcher. Vlado interests in theater, art and literature. After obtaining his Master degree from the Faculty of Architecture, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in September 2013, Vlado was enrolled as a researcher at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow (2013/2014). He was part of the Dwelling studio, developing a model that offered an integrated approach to housing and planning policies. Currently Vlado lives in Macedonia and works as an associate teaching assistant at the Chair Public Buildings at his alma mater.


Steven Broekhof (1984, The Netherlands) graduated cum laude in architecture from the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam in 2013. Following his Master studies he was enrolled as a researcher at Strelka Institute in Moscow (2013/2014). In close collaboration with Vlado Danailov, he developed a research and critical model for possible future living conditions in Moscow, entitled ‘City without Houses’. After gaining his experience through working for various offices, he opened his practice ‘SuperImposed’ in 2015. His work focuses on the perimeter between the built and the unbuilt environment and ranges from architectural interventions to urban and landscape strategies. Since 2015, Steven is a guest teacher at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Currently he collaborates with Donna van Milligen Bielke on developing a vision for the future of tourisme in Amsterdam. Their project will be exhibited in Amsterdam in 2016, during the Dutch presidency of the European Union.