EME3 2015 think tank proposes to feed a debate around the question:

Is architecture working for you?

For us, the focus of the question is “for you” that is, the subjective position of the users and their point of view.


Colour and shades are the protagonists of this lighting workshop: interacting with architectural structures radically changes the perception of space in the courtyard of IED.

Projecting more dramatic shadows from unusual angles the place is full of lines and textures that blend volumes generating a spatial ambiguity.

These shades also have contours of red and cyan, and paint the whole environment of living and moving tonalities, as the viewer is an essential part of this facility. The people and their shadows define the scale of architecture making it grow and decrease as one moves at the patio.


Michela Mezzavilla is an architect, lighting designer, and founder of reMM agency. She has made numerous lighting projects of different sizes and focus from large commissions by architects of the level of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners or Jean Nouvel, to projects of limited resources and ingenious solutions; from highly technological facilities to low-tech art installation. Actively engaged in the promotion and dissemination of the culture of light through cultural initiatives, articles and papers, she is also a teacher at several schools and directs the Graduate Space Lighting Design at IED Barcelona. His works have been selected in the FAD prizes and awards LAMP lighting.


Massimiliano Moro was born in Italy and raised in Switzerland, he has followed an Sculpture Degree in Barcelona and then graduated in Art and Design, both at the Escola Massana. Subsequently pursuing a Master in Spaces Lighting Design at IED. In his work he seeks to create balance between what we see and what it is, through simple elements in their interaction with light, shadow and movement. He currently lives between Lugano and Barcelona.