DEBATE Friday 23 of October from 20h to 21h30 at IED  – free


Learning is not something limited to a phase in our lives and a place we call ‘school’. Learning is a condition of life, and one that has been profoundly transformed since the rise, fall, and persistence of neoliberalism. Learning is an apparatus of the future, and it has been colonized by a very particular way of doing things. We need to un-learn.

Our environment – not just climatic but also political, economic and social – doesn’t have its borders drawn where we thought, yet we learn about and how to navigate them as if they were. What we need is new ways to think, to see and to work with the world in its contemporary complexity. What we need is to learn.

This event will be the public launch of Volume #45: Learning.

LEARNING will be moderated by Nick Axel, managing editor of Volume magazine, and host DPR-Barcelona and MAIO as discussants


Volume is an independent quarterly magazine that sets the agenda for architecture and design. With going beyond architecture’s definition of ‘making buildings’ it reaches out for global views on designing environments, advocates broader attitudes to social structures, and reclaims the cultural and political significance of architecture. Created as a global idea platform to voice architecture any way, anywhere, anytime, it represents the expansion of architectural territories and the new mandate for design.