WORKSHOP Thursday 22 and Friday October 23 from 16h to 20h at Betahaus – capacity 10 – € 65 (55 € With the code eme3_2015) – subscription by email at taller@betahaus.es


Fashion is one of the largest mass production industries with low labor cost and brand marketing. Fashion creativity has no limits: from handling raw materials to the last detail in the stitch. new technologies, free software and customized digital production are opening up opportunities for creating new methods in pattern, the adaptability of the body, the interaction design in fashion and new materials. This workshop is intended for people with an interest in fashion design, smart fabrics, and also a wish to explore new means of production through digital fabrication tools.

Lecturer Bio: Anastasia is master in architecture by IAAC. She is in charge of FABLAB Barcelona, ​​where she teaches numerous workshops and formal training and supports pilot projects for digital manufacturing. She is driving the project FabTextiles