WORKSHOP Thursday 22 and Friday 23 of October at IED, from 16h to 20h – free – subscription by email at


Civic Design
Museums, exhibition halls and libraries have meant the opening of the culture and information to new audiences, democratizing the approach to a universe hitherto reserved for other elites.

However, in the last decade we have seen the emergence of new information spaces, new platforms where citizens can not only find all kinds of information but also can participate in the creation of the identity of these spaces and the production of this information.


This new situation has cut many users off from traditional spaces of knowledge or consultation, especially younger people, natives of new technologies.

These new citizens, accustomed to being active and interactive agents (agents of exchange themselves), don’t find their place in standardized centers.


The workshop proposes an approach to these potential users, promoting the imagination of new Civic Spaces where citizens can develop social projects in constant connection with local authorities, businesses and universities.


The workshop will be divided into 4 phases:


Thursday 22th October, 16: 00-20: 00

– First phase: theoretical introduction addressing the concept of Civic Design and Civic Innovation.

– Second phase: work session with which we ask participants to deconstruct preconceptions.


Friday, 23th October, 16: 00-20: 00

– Third phase: implementation of a new way of looking

– Fourth phase: presentation of results





Domenico Di Siena is an Architect, Civic Designer and Researcher. He works to improve the cities and the territories we inhabit. He designs and develops processes and tools to help local authorities, organizations and universities to collaborate with citizens for the common good. He promotes a culture of collaboration with the use of new technologies for Situated Collective Intelligence processes, where citizens (re) become protagonists of the actions, which determine the identity, and character of the territory they inhabit. Domenico Di Siena founded the Urbano Humano agency that works on projects of Urban and Civic Innovation and is instigator of the community CivicWise that is generating openly and distributed the first consulting p2p platform for the promotion of participatory planning and processes for citizen empowerment.