TALK Thursday 22 of October from 18h to 19h at IED


Anna & Eugeni Bach is a Finnish-Spanish studio based in Barcelona operating in the widest scope of architecture, from urban planning to interior and industrial design. Through innovation and research, the studio engages in finding new solutions and alternatives for every project, achieving high quality design by optimising the use of natural and financial resources.


Their work has been published in several European magazines, such as Domus, Mark Magazine, Arquitectura Viva, Interni or A10, among others, and has been exhibited in “Export”, ICO Museum, Madrid, 2015; “Elective Affinities – the work of Anna & Eugeni Bach” in COAC Barcelona 2015 and Girona 2014, “Aproximacions”, COAC, Barcelona, 2012; in “Catalan Architecture” at the Institut Français de l´Architecture, Paris 2009; Spanish Pavilion Venice Biennial 2000; HiCat, MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art) 2001; Eme3, Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona 2001; Bo01 Parasite – The City of small things (Kobenhavn, Rotterdam, Oslo, London) 1999.


Among their main recognitions, they have been Nominated to the Mies van der Rohe Awards 2015, Nominated to the Iakov Chernikhov Prize 2015, Awarded with the International FAD Award, International Opinion FAD Award and Opinion FAD Award for Interior Design 2014; Finalist at the FAD Awards 2013, Selected for the FAD Awards 2012, Finalist Arquia-Próxima 2010, awarded FAD Opinion Award 2008, FAD Finalist 2008 and 10th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial 2009 Finalist; Selected VII Iberoamerican Architecture and Urbanism Biennial 2010, and AJAC Award 2004, among others.


Anna Bach, Nummi, Finland, 1973

Architect Helsinki University of Technology, 2001.

Master in Theory and Practice in the Design Project from ETSAB, UPC, 2014.

Currently lecturing Final Project Workshop in Interior Design, EINA, School of Arts and Design, Universitat Autònoma, Barcelona.


Eugeni Bach, Barcelona, Spain, 1974.

Architect ETSABarelona, UPC, 1999.

PhD Candidate by the Project Design Department at ETSAB, UPC.

Lecturer for Design Studio, La Salle Architecture School, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona. Since 2005.

Lecturer for Design Studio, ETSAB, UPC. Since 2015.