Polideportivo Eleonel Herrera



Hybrid Infrastructure. Sport and Cultural Unit

SOCIAL INSECTS SERIES // caracas venezuela / 2007 _ 2015

Self initiated and self managed compact multicomplex promoted by the community with the support of the local government, combines autonomous programs and facilities


This Project takes part on a series of interventions on urban reeingeneering, focalized into consolidate a network of cultural, sport and assistance spaces as new urban models of collective nature for the popular areas of Caracas.


The Project establishes a hybrid alternative to public management, based on microsurgery operations upon the territorial mesh; through active and collective protocols for the physical and organizational rehabilitation of self constructed and organic growth areas of the city. The Project was led by the communal organization;  with cultural and sport  associations alongside the local and national governments. The community operates as geopolitical cells called community councils: this structure of territorial power management allows them to map, discuss, evaluate, diagnose and prioritize their problems, needs and demands with a high level of participation, thanks to its flexible and horizontal itinerary. This cells are constitutionally validated, establishing new ways of governability and assemble a legal scaffolding able to canalize the public resources through collective discussion and voting.


The urban device its coupled to the main mobility systems of the slum, building the relations of the public space along the dimension of the stair in three operative strata: the first, in contact with the Street; its conceived to provide medical and assistive services with a construction of 85m2, the second; a 140m2 platform its design for multipurpose programs, neighborhood congregation activities, workshops and spaces of cultural expression and exhibition; the third platform of 200m2 its conceived for sport activities. The intervention benefits 600 hundred families which are 3.000 inhabitants, the regeneration is still going; reporting more than 4 hundred painted houses producing micro economies that consolidate the social structure. 



Project: MULTIPROGRAMMATIC SHIP. Hybrid Infrastructure. Sport and Cultural Unit

SOCIAL INSECTS SERIES // caracas venezuela / 2007 _ 2015


Project director: Alejandro Haiek Coll

Art direction: Eleanna Cadalso


Project Team: Ma. Alejandra Bausson / Daniela Bonilla / David Arana / Irina Guarecuco / Michelle Sánchez de León / Laura Sabal / Vanessa Da Silva Arias / Alfredo Albañez 

Colaborators:  Leonel Flores / Enrique Henriquez / Fabiana Russo / Tharamaroa Troconis


Construction: Alcaldía del Municipio Bolivariano Libertador a través de la Fundación Caracas (Fundacaracas). Gran Misión Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor


Built area: 425 m2


Structural ingeneering: Esteban Tenreiro

Sanitarian Installations: José Rebollo

Electric ingeneering: Tomas Borras



Alejandro Haiek from Lab.Pro.Fab with diverse arts group and urban activism around the world create the Public Machinery project: a series of projects “from the ground pop up urbanism”, conceive it as a participatory urban reengineering with a bottom-up approach focused on the renewal and resuscitation of inactive and non-regulated landscapes in Caracas favelas.