How to divulge architecture and urbanism to people who are not in the field? How to sensitize to a discipline that seems distant and little understood, but that affects everyone in their daily lives? How to get the new producers of emergent architecture closer to the people, which are finally their end users?
Eme3 advocates a multidisciplinary event, where music, design and architecture blend, a free event open to all ages, from children to seniors, with a wide range of activities to learn and have fun : Open Air

Open Air is a co-production between Mutuo (Event production and Art Center) and eme3 (Architecture Festival), with the collaboration of Laboor (Design and construction of infrastructures).

This 2nd edition will take place in the Castle of Montjuic, at the Pati de les Armes!

Saturday 26 October 2013 / 12pm a 02am

With 8 live music shows and 3 dj sets, locals and internationals.
Areas for designers, installations, exhibition, workshop and visuals.
100 artists + collaborators involved


Cálido Home15h
Sturle Dagsland17h30
Miss Q- 18h15
Lucius works here / LUW + Oxlabb19h
Rik van den Bosch21h
Territorio Comanche21h45
Extracto. Feat Marga Mbande22h45
Josep Xorto23h15
Nicolas Belher00h45


Fab Lab Kids
from 12h to 16h, registration required
This workshop, led the kids and their families, proposes the creation of a collaborative installation made ​​with laser cut cardboard in the Fab Lab Barcelona. The “Animal de Montjuic” is a giant animal in 3 dimensions that the participants create to walk in the Castle. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate your creativity through all the technologies offered by the FabLab and experience different digital manufacturing processes.
Limited to 20 participants, previous registration required.
more info and subscription

Handmade Marbled Paper, by Attina
from 16h30 to 17h30 and from 17h30 to 18h30, registration required
Introduction to marbeled paper, ou will learn to prepare the materials and the step by step to to stamps papers.
Susbscription here

from 19h to 20h
Workshop of dance and performance, research in choreography


de 16h30 to 17h30, free access, limited entries
Permacultura Barcelona is a social organisam very active which dedicat itself to the social and ecological transformation with the vocation of empowerment and growth in resilience.
It is inspired by ethical principles (earth care, people care, and equitable distribution of surplus production), and permaculture design, involving the local community in a collective process for active participation.
Networked, it proposes various theoretical and practical activities that project a paradigm shift, with a resilient society, supportive and respectful of the environment.

Ink The Sky
from 18h to 19h, free access, limited entries
Sample selection of short films and video art from the SKy Ink Festival.

Agronautas by Pez estudio
from 19h to 20h, free access, limited entries
There are approaches, ways of living and ways of proposing a more balanced relationship between humans and the planet. Most of them, however, have not been developed by large companies and government have high budgets. In many cases it is, however, of anonymous people organized in networks of professionals who develop new systems out of the market or of individuals who have decided to act on their own. The call Agronautas.
trailer and info

from 20h to 21h30, free access, limited entries
Mobile application that interprets the user gestures while running or dancing, and generate music specific results.


50 posters / 50 artists
Serigraphy / 100x70cm

“PRINT WAVE” by The Walrus Hub
Prints of illustrations
23 artists

detailed program soon !

There are different ways to come:
1) Bus 150 Pl. España – Castell de Montjuïc (every 10-15 minuts)
2) Metro Paral lel L2 o L3 + Funicular de Montjuïc + Teleférico de Montjuïc (from the exit of the Funicular) or 10 minuts walking
3) Bicycle, moto or car (parking at the entry)

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Open call for Fashion designers, Product designers, Ilustrators, Photographers, Discography entity, Independent Editorial, etc.
you want to participate ? writte an e-mail to :
you can download the participation dossier here

Listen to the small playlist here :