Eme3 with the Fenómenos Fundation are collaborating in the exhibition “Como virar sua Cidade”, in the X Bienal of Architecture of Sao Paulo. The 12th of october the doors of the bienal ar opening, it will take place in the more emblematics buildings of the city. The eme3 participation will be exhibited in the building SESC Pompeia, in the exhibition “Modos de colaborar” (ways of collaborating), and it will remain open un til the 12th of dicember.

Collective – groups of people who gather for joining affections and similar proposals – they go to the streets not only to claim their rights or to criticize problematic, but to act in a positive way in the construction of a new city model, oriented to the people.

Como Virar sua Cidade Nació del deseo de aprovechar estas nuevas formas de trabajo y tiene el objetivo final de la transformación de la ciudad iniciada por la gente . Los colectivos implicados en la red, participan en las reuniones regulares de discusión , formación y capacitación que estimulan el desarrollo de iniciativas institucionales; y juntos poder articular acciones para construir una nueva forma de vivir y de pensar la ciudad .

Como Virar sua Cidad was born from the desire to embrace these new forms of work and has the ultimate goal of transforming the city initiated by the people. The groups involved in the network participate in the regular meetings of discussion, education and training that encourage the development of institutional initiatives , and to coordinate actions together to build a new way of living and thinking the city.

Eme3 and Phenomena Foundation are involved in the organization of these groups by believing in the power of collaboration , based on objectives and core values ​​to build a society based on the welfare of all. In the X Architecture Biennale, we show that there are already experiments that are influencing the way to build the city.

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