Creativity is an exercise of connections. To see, to intuit and to execute them can make that two
elements that seemed to have nothing in common to be combined and create a new concept, a new product
or a new invention.
This 3-hour workshop implement analytical, synthetic and creative thinking all mix together in
a fun exercise that aims to understand one of the fundamental objectives of creativity: INNOVATION.

The workshop will be taught by Lucas Daglio, founder and Creative Director of the creative training space Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

To register, write us to or to our Facebook page

Day: Jueves 25 de Julio. From 19 to 22 hs.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is a Creativity Training Space and Communication Study based in Barcelona. The space is led by Lucas L. Daglio (Creative Director and Teaching) and Guadalupe Gonzalez (Graphic Designer and Teacher). Their task is to create working groups in order to explore and experience from different techniques the territory of ideas and creativity.