Sábado 27 de Julio a las 19h en el Fabra i Coats por Sun color

SUN COLOR is a two-person experimental noise-improv band from Barcelona. Founded in 2010.
SC is based in Barcelona but both members are coming from other countries.
Julio Cesar Palacio (born in Venezuela) and Renata (born in Portugal)

Genres: Experimental, Drone, Improvisational, Noise.

Julio C.P plays guitar, Trumpet, Synth and Electronics at SC.
He comes from a punk-rock band and he has performed shows together with Magik Markers, Justice Yelhdam, Arnau Sala, M Ax Noi Mach…Festivals like MEM (Bilbao) and solo shows in Caracas and Shanghai.

Renata G plays violin, Synth, Percussion and Electronics. She is coming from a Classical music school and SC is her first band where she is developing handmade instruments and sound recording.