27-30 de Junio | Esther Planas : Escuela de Calor
meeting point : everyday at 13h at the patio del Fabra i Coats
Started for Eme3 2011 as a Performatic statement that challenged the established regime that monopolises knowledge, its adquissition and its distribution along with its usual locations. A free Peripatetic School that includes sun bathing and swimming as an ideal context for practice and debate.

27-29 de Junio | n’UNDO : Plan n’UNDO
meeting point : everyday at 12h (hasta las 14h15) in their installation in the share-it.
To intervene in the environment and the city n’UNDO proposed plans that meet the traditional urban plans propose a dynamic and flexible methodology based on identifying problems and proposing improvements based on the four above-mentioned modes of action .
We are LOOKING FOR COLLABORATORS… the plan n´UNDO can be real, in San Andres.
The EME3 brings us the opportunity to improve the neighborhood of Sant Andreu, this made from subtraction; therefore we will pinpoint, map, analyze, discuss and of course Act. All contributions and profiles could be part of the plan.

26-29 de Junio | MakerLab : Virus Plug-in
meeting point : everyday at 12h in their installation in the share-it
Virus Plug-In; Inspire and provide instructions for others to spread change. (Concept)
The Virus Plug-in is an object that uses a public structure as its own. It will grow around itself, almost self-replicating, and will give a new sense and value to its location, one decided by citizens. By introducing this objects in the street and showing people how they can be made, we spark a viral action, were people feel able, allowed and encouraged by their peers to hack the public space.

28-29 de Junio | Conjuntos Empáticos : Instant Cloud
meeting point : everyday at 12h in their installation in the share-it
In two days we will create a cultural space for exterior or interior, which generate actions that promote learning through external experiences. That is, the art is in the environment and we thought we would enjoy it from inside our space.

27-28 de Junio | Visita del recinto con los Amics de la Fabra i Coats CANCELED
meeting point : at 16h at the information point of eme3 at Fabra i Coats – Fabricà de creació de Barcelona
The Amics de la Fabra i Coats, will immerse you in the history of this old factory, with a guided visit of this impressive site. They will explain you the history and show you different places that are normally no accessible to the public.

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