The Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) has announced an open international competition to choose the curator who will have to draft the proposal for Catalonia’s participation in the 14th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, to be held from 7th June to 23rd November 2014. This will be the second time the IRL has promoted the presence of Catalonia at the Architecture Biennale, after presenting the project Vogadors, curated by Jordi Badia and Félix Arranz, in 2012, featuring nine works by young Catalan and Balearic architects, and it will come after the third participation at the Art Biennale, inaugurated this week.

For the presentation of projects a conceptual framework has been established that sets out to clearly show the paradigm shift that is taking place in contemporary architecture, where the current situation is conducive to a reappraisal of values to allow for new ways of approaching architecture.

The proposals received will be assessed by an independent panel of experts made up of:

President: Lluís Domènech i Girbau, PhD in Architecture and president of the Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura association. He has written books about Modernisme and collaborated with Roser Amadó in the remodelling of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies and the historic city centre of Lleida.
Lluís-Xavier Comeron, senior member of the COAC.
Fernando Marzà, in charge of the cultural section of the COAC.
Fèlix Arranz and Jordi Badia, curators of the Catalan participation in the Collateral Events of the 2012 Architecture Biennale (with one vote).
Carme Pinós, architect.
Olga Felip, architect.
Àlex Susanna, associate director of the IRL.

The competition will be divided into three stages. Firstly, Participation, open to the presentation of proposals by all interested professionals and companies who meet the requirements. At this first stage, which closes on 13th June, it is necessary to present a curriculum vitae and a maximum two-page pre-project, reflecting the general ideas of the proposal in accordance with the conceptual framework and the budget. Secondly, an Ideas stage at which the panel will invite a maximum of three chosen participants to develop the initial project. And, finally, the Contracting of the winning project. The panel’s final verdict will be made public on 16th July.

You can consult the conditions of the competition here