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Thursday 27 June

17h-18h | Talk : ARCHIKUBIK
The deep mutation of the Information Society, makes more than ever necessary a review of the dogmas of urban planning and how to make city, to make life. The e-Polis must be a city open source, for and by its inhabitants, the technology not being more than a mere support.

18h-19h | Talk : Entrances Strategies
Entrances strategies examines the social history of utopias (from the Parthenon to the Internet) through the lens of gender, asking how utopian gender ideals are intertwined with the construction of space, and using gender attitudes as a litmus test for a utopia’s transformative potential.

19h-20h | Talk : die Baupiloten
The classical realisation of an architectural project is becoming increasingly rare. The Baupiloten employs new strategies for collaboration, communication and organisational structures that enable individuals, communities, designers and specialists to respond to major challenges

20h-22h | Debate : The collaborative city: trains crash or peace pipe?
Moderate : Javi Creus. Participate : ZUS / impossible living / archikubik / atelier mob / paisaje transversal / santi cirugeda

Can cities continue ignoring his more active citizens? Which position owes or can take the administrations? How this distributed and spontaneous urban planning can join in the city plans and its objectives? Are the rules, taxes and licenses necessary? If the rules change for some ones, should not them change for others also?

Friday 28

17h-18h | Talk : Assemble Studio
We are committed to addressing the typical disconnection between the public and the process by which spaces are made, and champion a working practice that actively involves the public as both participant and accomplice in
the ongoing realisation of our work.

18h-19h | Talk : Atelier Lebalto
Atelier le Balto works mainly on redefining and improving public spaces in an urban environment. The landscape architects and gardeners try to recognize and understand the qualities of places, as well as to assess and show their potentials for improvement and appropriate transformation.

19h-20h | Premios EME3 Fundación Jesús Serra
Since its very first edition in1999, eme3 rewards through its scientific committee the best projects participating in the call for project. The prize, which have an economic endowment, is supported in this occasion, and for the 4th year, by the Fundación Jesús Serra.

20h-22h | Debate : Education and communication towards transformation
Moderate : Reyes Gallegos Rodríguez
Participate : Domenico Di Siena (urbano humano) / Lorenzo Barno (stepienybarno) / Patrizia Di Monte (gravalosdimonte) / Ariadna Cantis / Lemur
In a time of emergency and demands like the one we are facing now, communication and innovation are presented as tools to transform utopia into reality.
The positioning of all actors involved in the management of a city, requires a previous sensitization and public awareness through a trusted and empathic vision.

Saturday 29

17h-18h | Talk : Re-cooperar + C.A.P.A. + ariel jacubovich
Re-cooperar: change of conscience for social transformation with education through detecting necessities, porcess activation and collaborative proyect development.
CAPA : In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, a project of Community architecture and urban equipment has been developed for nearly four years, along with an organized social movement, investigating new democratic and participatory ways to build city.

18h-19h | Talk : Esther Planas : Escuela de calor
Started for Eme3 2011 as a Performatic statement that challenged the established regime that monopolises knowledge, its adquissition and its distribution along with its usual locations. A free Peripatetic School that includes sun bathing and swimming as an ideal context for practice and debate.

19h-20h | Documentary + Talk : Pau Faus
‘The Retired City’ (2008-2011) is a research on the self-constructed allotment gardens around Barcelona. The project consists of a short documentary and a publication.

20h-22h | Debate : Arquitectura participativa: new praxis / new trend?
Modera : Edgar Gonzalez
Participation is turning into a bargaining chip that buys everything and helps itself to withdraw of responsibilities. Politicians and bureaucrats use it as tool of automatic validation or political legitimization, without any type of critical position. Because, who is the brave that dares to contradict the popular wishes, or to invalidate a participative process?

Sunday 30

17h-18h | Documentary + Talk : LaCol
Can Batllo, an invisible giant in the middle of the city, hidden behind the walls. An enclosure pending of conversion and subject of the claim and neighborhood struggle for many years, currently in the process of re-appropriation by the public.

18h-19h | eme3 Powered by PechaKucha
For the third time, eme3 proposes to its participants to present their project in the format of 20 images x 20 seconds per image. A ludic and dynamic moment, where you can see a lot of projects.