‘The Retired City’ is a book about the self-constructed allotment gardens by retired citizens on the periphery of Barcelona (Spain). The work is organized as a dictionary and reflects, through photographies and texts by several authors, on the variety of aspects around this widespread informal phenomenon in the Barcelona’s surroundings. To explore and understand these gardens is a way to approach one of the many ‘disobedient’ autonomous practices that shape today’s contemporary cities. This work is complemented by a short-documentary, showing the daily life of one of the many retired citizens that autonomously work their gardens around Barcelona.

The book and the documentary can be consulted entirely in www.laciudadjubilada.net


Pau Faus Barcelona, 1974 www.paufaus.net

Architect and visual artist. Urban everyday life explorer, mainly interested on the autonomous practices within the contemporary city. With my works I aim to activate representation and confrontation mechanisms in order to highlight the conflicts and particularities of the urban and architectural environment I am settled at, showing what remains usually excluded. Most of my projects are made in collaboration with local agents and other professionals such as architects, photographers, anthropologists or visual and performing artists.

I taught at the Architecture University of Barcelona-Vallès (UPC) and I was part of the urban exploration collective ‘Osservatorio Nomade’. I am the author of the books ‘La Ciudad Jubilada’ (‘The Retired City’), ‘Figueres-Paris’ and co-author of ‘Co-Habitaciones. Patrimonio, taxidermia y autoconstrucción en Valparaíso’ (‘Co-Dwellings. Heritage, taxidermy and DIY in Valparaiso’). I have directed workshops, developed projects and exhibited his work in various contemporary art centers, home and abroad.