Though the final result is to paint an illustration on a canvas, we are interested in the support as a space for improvisation with video and animation. We intend to make the surface function as any wall in the urban space, exposed to people’s intervention and constant alteration. So the project will be in a way divided in two moments. During the day we will work on our illustration and during the night we will project animations and also draw over the original canvas, finding also, ways to collaborate and let the people attending the festival to experience drawing and affecting the canvas through different techniques and animations in real time.

Ombrebueno is Sergi Sanchez, an illustrator and animation director from Spain.
From 2002 to 2004 he was part of the creative community of Fabrica, the communication Research Center Founded by Oliviero Toscani in Treviso, Italy. In 2005 he moved to Barcelona to start directing ads for brands and illustrating commissioned artwork.
His work has been featured through many commercial projects like the ones made for Sundek, Durex, Ikea and also collaborations for documentaries like the one about belgian artist Ben Heine.

You are so Overrated
You are so Overrated is Chini, an illustrator, director and art director born in Argentina living in Barcelona. He started his career in ad agencies but after a while he decided to move on and went to Barcelona. There he created Aäb, a multidisciplinary studio where he started to direct short films and animation commercials. In 2006 he decided to focus in You are So Overrated, his persoal project with the excuse to do what he really love: direct videos, draw and collaborate with different people in diverse projects and disciplines, like videoclips, commercials, documentaries, video design and illustrating commissioned and personal work. Exploring the low tech-lack of resources-high improvisation format as a creative challenge.