The current political and economic crisis is reaching its maximum brutality because most people see no possible outcome. This is the common perception in a post-catastrophic emergency, when most of the population is exhausted and unprotected and the perceivable risk and collective fragility increase.

In LEMUR (Laboratory for Urban Emergencies), we believe the first TOPIAN act consists of reverting this mood returning people to their life center, listening to their needs and offering quick and sustainable responses through resilient tools for change, adaptable to the community’s changing needs and resources.
We act upon public spaces, which contribute most to the empowerment and social connection, making forgotten needs emerge and giving voice to silenced collectives: children, elderly, migrants…

THE SUSTAINABLE CONTAINER appears from a real demand: the need for physical and virtual spaces for encounter, interaction and participation in activities to improve the urban environment towards a more sustainable life.
The association bymyECO, for promotion, awareness and environmental education, comes into contact with LEMUR, an interdisciplinary collective dedicated to urban space. Together they work to create a catalyzing space which, through collective action, will raise awareness about sustainability.

The proposal begins with an interactive diagnosis between LEMUR, bymyECO and WOODVIBRATION, an experimental carpentry workshop, and follows with a participative and transparent design process, selection of materials, experimentation through models, prototypes and construction.
The equipment is based on an adaptable modular system of dry construction using 100% natural and/or recycled materials: wood, windsurf sails, polycarbonate and metallic joints.

The Itinerant educational unit for social action is born, a, flexible, open to varied public, easily dismantled and itinerant unit, to be situated in any square of public space in a village or city and hosting the educational activities of bymyECO: talks and workshops to encourage good practices against climatic change and share knowledge and experience about urban ecology.

Our cities now have a new container to practice ACTIVE SOCIAL EDUCATION

LEMUR + BYMYECO + WOODVIBRATION design and develop the project “Efficient Container”.

LEMUR. Urban Emergency Laboratory is an interdisciplinary and international group of professionals dedicated to urban space. LEMUR believes in architecture as a trade at the service of people, and commits to a collective construction of cities. LEMUR’s mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of people in cities through the design and implementation of public facilities, promotion of workshops and awareness activities.

BYMYECO, tandem formed by Montse Bayen (biologist) and Núria Nubiola (environmentalist), aims to facilitate and motivate change in people towards sustainable living in an urban environment. BY MY ECO means sharing experiences and knowledge to understand the whys and access to information and resources of our territory through projects that lead to action, providing a physical and virtual space.

WOODVIBRATION: Experimental workshop dedicated to the creation of musical instruments using recycled materials.

LEMUR: Elena Bayés, Ania Bech, Jordi Marfà, Ricardo Montoya, Ross Pérez, Benedetta Rodeghiero
BYMYECO: Montse Bayen, Núria Nubiola
WOODVIBRATION: Joaquín Laguarde, Juan Carlos Sabate