Contemporary cities present a wide variety of unresolved issues. There are many different FEATURES in the urban fabric.
This situation has been taken by inhabitants as an OPPORTUNITY to intervene in the city through citizen participation processes.

The programme commits to the recovery of PUBLIC SPACE as the backbone of today’s cities, through the TEMPORARY OCCUPATION OF EMPTY PLOTS

“Estonoesunsolar” started off with temporary interventions in abandoned EMPTY PLOTS in the historical quarter of the city, but given their great success, they spread to the rest of the city.
The programme helps different sensitivities reach agreements. Different players come together in each EMPTY PLOT, through complex relationships. The property is both public and private, and in any case, the space is granted for its PUBLIC temporary use.

“Estonoesunsolar” offers a solution for each specific problem, analysing the urban and socio-economic conditions, the existing green spaces and amenities, as well as the deficiencies in each area.

At the same time, a series of activities have been proposed emphasing the value of the interventions, inviting citizens to regain possession of these spaces.

A lot of effort has been put into their diffusion, in an attempt to share this experience with other forums, other cities and other countries.

The solutions have always been flexible and they can be transformed in time, considering that the important thing for a living city is its ability to share experiences.

Patrizia Di Monte & Ignacio Grávalos architects

Patrizia Di Monte architect by IUAV Venice, master and PHD, Town Planning ass. professor at the ETSA-USJ and Ignacio Grávalos, architect by ETSA Barcelona, Architectural Graphic Expression professor at the ETSAZ-USJ, founded gravalosdimonte architects in 1998. They are carrying on cultural projects, covering art and architecture, urban regeneration strategies, landscaping, participative architecture, sustainable urbanism and creativity. They are the estonoesunsolar programme masterminds.

1. 1st prize IQU Innovazione e Qualitá Urbana 2010,
2. 1st prize Eurocities 2011 awards, Planning for People
3. 1th prize SAIE Selection 2012 awards: Urban regeneration and development
4. Winner CityMart LLiga 2013 Cities Pilot the future
5. 3rd prize SMART Future Minds Awards 2010,
6. Mention at XI Bienal Española Arquitectura y Urbanismo_Innovation
7. Finalist City to City FAD Award 2012
8. Mention XXII and XXVI Awards F. Garcia Mercadal for environmental category
9. Finalist of the ArquinFAD awards 2011_Landscape
10. commendation of the Scotland Children’s Making Space Awards 2010,
11. work selected at the 6th and 7ª European Landscape Biennial, 2012