What is training? What is learning?
An ignorant master is not just an ignorant person who gets a kick out of playing master. It is a master, who teaches – that’s to say, who is for another person a cause of knowledge – without transmitting any knowledge. A master, thus, who displays the discontinuity between the master’s control and his knowledge, who shows us that what is called “the transmission of knowledge” consists in fact of two intertwined relations which it is useful to disassociate: a relation of will to will and one of intelligence to intelligence.
Jacques Ranciere
Few very brilliant minds had questioned “knowledge” and its acquisition trough out school, university and ultimately, the institution, as we know it along our Western History, from Socrates, Michel de Montaigne, and Josef Jacotot, till more recent ones as Jacques Ranciere, Ivan Illich or Luis Camnitzer.

The idea at the core of Escuela de Calor is to give a supposed class that transforms in to an anti-class, a sort of anti-thesis of what any ones understand for a class to be…Not a workshop not a class not a lecture, more like creating a forum of horizontal relations where the “gesture “ of my proposal activates questions and gives place to reflection about what we consider knowledge to be what we value about the idea of it and how far we are willing to go in order of supposedly acquire it.

During my workshops I am aiming to point out at the Issue of learning and to the idea of de-learning as a good practice whichever intellectual mental places anyone comes from … questioning our systems of thought and supporting doubt, this should be the way… the openness, the anti orthodoxy, the re-vision

We will start everyday (27-30 June) at 13h at the patio of Fabra i Coats. please confirm your assistance sending an email at coordinacion@eme3.org


Esther Planas estherplanas.comescuelacalor.blogspot.co.uk
July 2012
Esther Planas, Barcelona, 1960, independent artist, studied at The London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) London and at Area, Spai de Dansa y Creacio , Barcelona.
Published V.O. magazine,1984 /5 Spain.
In the last years, my focus, has shifted towards performative workshops and the creation of collective actions with small improvised ephemeral communities.
It has also re-taken its solo performance experimentation/investigation on urban spaces interactions.
There has always been a part of my practice to undergo for long periods during which I displace the importance of Art making for the production of context, where I give my time to other people and prioritise relations, affects and collaborations.
As for my latest projects like The BCN Psychotropic Workshops (Barcelona) 2010 , Los Nítidos Invisibles (Guatemala) 2011,The Close Encounters of The Third Kind (London)2011 or Escuela de Calor , that was selected for the 8 Performance Festival of Cali , Colombia and has become an ongoing project .
My work is also featured at Artist Registry / White Columns, New York and at Arxiu Dossiers/A-Desk/ Raimon Llull Barcelona .
Selected for 8Festival de Performance Cali, Colombia 2012
Selected at BCN Produccio/10 , La Capella, Barcelona
Member of the London artist run space co-op Five Years
Scientific Comite at EME3 Barcelona COAC
Escuela de Calor : is a socially engaged art project as performative workshops based in Situacionist exercises and recovering the steps of The Peripatetic School for wandering and drifting .
Challenging the methodology of Teaching and Learning inspired in the legacy of Joseph Jacotot and the reflections of Jaques Ranciere about it.
Urban Environmental Speedy Interactions: Urban interactions trough out performance and social relations around areas that I find during walks and derives . ( various cities)

Esther Planas ( Barcelona 1960) es artista visual y Performer, estudio Danza en The London Contemporary Dance School ( The Place) // Institut del Teatre// Area Spai de Dansa y Creació // La Caldera, Barcelona
Edito y publico la revista V.O. 1983//85 Barcelona
Seleccionada por el 8Festival de Performance de Cali ( Helena Producciones/Visible/ Fondaccione Pistoletto)
Ha expuesto entre otros lugares en la South London Gallery, Londres, Autocenter Berlin, Kunsthall Bergen, Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala, White Cubicle Gallery, Londres, The Barber Shop, Lisboa, Ohwow Gallery, Miami Basel BCNProducció10 , Barcelona, Cabinet , Londres, Matadero, Madrid ,Smack Mellon ,New York, Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral, Vilma Gold, Londres
Esther Planas esta representada en el Arxiu Dossier Artistes Catalans, Centre D’Art Santa Monica ,A-Desk,Raimon Lull, Barcelona


Seleccionada para BCNProducio/10 en La Capella, Barcelona
Artist Registry de White Columns New York