Presentation + talk on Thursday 11 of June at 21h at Fabra i Coats

La Glace à la Fourme – (The Fourme cheese Ice cream) 2013 – Collectif Etc,
This short film was produced as part of the “Habiter Autrement les centres-bourgs” program (An other way of living for the village centers), one of whose objectives was to imagine ways for dynamizing hearts of villages.
In fact, today we are witnessing a renew of interest with new population in these rural villages, but the ancient village center typology with old buildings does not seem suited to the actual demands and new lifestyles.
The Collectif Etc to provide food for thought on this ancient center of “Cunlhat”, a village inhabited by 1315 people, located in Auvergne a french region, ,
The group was welcomed five weeks in residence during the months of April and May 2013.
The proposal was to mix an urban study and the shooting of a short film.
The realization of this short film was an opportunity to create conditions for dialogue, offer a look at the local culture and to show news ideas to re-think the village of tomorrow.
We wanted to tell and construct a story. It was above all the opportunity to take a close look at the quality of the habitat in a broad sense in the St. Martin area. A constructive and analytical look at the reasons of the abandonment of the ancient center. Finally, an optimistic view, ideas for the future, and make real possible changes or dreamed situation. What if we tried to find a collective confidence in the future of village centers?
The content of the study is available on the website:


Collectif Etc
The Collective Etc, is born of a willingness to assemble energies around a common dynamic of questioning the urban space.
Our projects try to be optimistic, open and are intended to the spontaneous city public. The common thread is to act in the public space by integrating the local population into the creative process.
These actions and investigations are not limited to an artistic discipline, but also matters affecting the social, political and urban areas.