No water, no sewage, no electricity and extremely precarious houses. These are the living condition of 500 people (almost 100 children) that live in one of the growing slums in the suburbs of Lisbon in Costa da Caparica.
Named as Terras do Lelo Martins it`s mainly occupied by three immigrant communities – Cape Verdeans, Gipsies and Brazilians – along with a very strong fishermen community. This is a territory in conflict in which relationship with public authorities is non-existent and the only channel of communication exists under severe conditions of police operations. Ateliermob started working with this community during the workshop “Noutra Costa”, promoted by CEACT/UAL and DA/UAL of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. And from that point on, we have kept in touch and hold meetings with some of the community representatives and the members of the research team Urban Boundaries – a running academic program, mainly focused on alphabetization, to begin to reconcile the relationship with public authorities and improve the life quality of the inhabitants of Terras do Lelo Martins.

Many families cook with fires in their homes, threatening an entire community without water, besides that there are no suitable public spaces to meet or organize. Ateliermob’s goal was being able to design a community kitchen through a participatory process, providing a space for sharing and managed by its own inhabitants. A space that can provide the basic conditions for bringing people together and cook, reducing the problem of fire risk that currently exists in the neighbourhood. Ateliermob plans to design this space with the materials that the place can give and with the help of the inhabitants to build; most of the residents are currently unemployed but used to work in the construction industry. The architecture office and the Municipality are in charge of obtaining the construction license and other permits.
This project has the enthusiastic support of the community that organized a neighbourhood assembly in which they discussed various problems and where the community kitchen was chosen as the top priority

We also have the support of local organizations already working in the field, with whom we have worked to make a democratic process of election and constitution of the first Neighbourhood Association. How can architects work with people who have such a low income – and that will not increase in the near future – and pay them for their work? This emerging question is where we want to focus on.
Architects need to be at the epicentre of the crisis on emerging conflict territories, even if its inhabitants do not have money to pay them.
This is our mission statement!



Ateliermob is a multidisciplinary platform for the development of ideas, research and projects in the areas of architecture, design and urbanism. The company was founded in 2005 in Lisbon, as a result of several projects carried out by its founding partners. Ateliermob has worked on projects of different scales and typologies, for both public and private entities. At the same time, implemented research work to uphold our project-oriented practice, an architecture, design andurban planning blog, and also making it possible to take part in several national and international competitions.
Currently, Ateliermob is constituted by two partners –Andreia Salavessa and Tiago Mota Saraiva –in association with a skilled team of professionals, in such cases, joining efforts with other entities and technicians to enrich and broaden the spectrum of its multidisciplinary approach.