This summer we want to build collectively a space for culture and leisure at Fabra i Coats, therefore we call for proposals to activate and stimulate the space Eme3_Plaza together. The selected proposals will form part of the cultural program of July extra activities of Eme3 International Architecture Festival, a free festival for all audiences.

From Thursday 30 May to Thursday June 20, 2013. We’ll be waiting for your proposals!

What is Eme3_plaza ?

Eme3_Plaza looks for the collective construction of a public space that works as a urban activator and provide a place to develop different cultural activities during the month of July 2013 in Fabra i Coats (C / Sant Adrià 20, Sant Andreu).
Much of this space is unused, which is why this year we have decided to support this landmark, doing a call for projects to revitalize and transform this outdoor space.
We’re interested in the appropriation of Eme3_plaza by the community in order to be used as a place of leisure and exchange for residents, groups and associations in the Sant Andreu district and city. Activation of this space is very important, because it will provide to the neighborhood a place for cultural activities and leisure to enjoy the summer with family and friends in town.

Who can participate?

We look for people, groups and organizations who are interested in using the Eme3_Plaza space, suggesting activities and events of free themes. You can also make the most of the theme festival and conjugate it with your own ideas. The activities can be of diverse kinds, from dance performances, concerts, outdoor cinema, readings, workshops, etc. We are open to diverse proposals of neighbors of Sant Adreu or from another context. Also, activities can focus in all audiences, children, youth, adults, seniors, other groups, etc.

1. Dates and schedule
The proposed activities should be developed from Wednesday to Sunday during July 2013 and occasionally on august. Schedule is from 18h to 23h.

2. Space characteristics and technical information
Eme3_plaza is a polyvalent outdoor space of 1500m2. Eme3 offers an outdoor scenery and support in the communication of the programmed activities. Technical requirements should be responsibility of the participants.
During the activities there will be bar service.

We don’t have any budget for honorary or production of the activity, we provide the space and communication.

3. How can I register my participation?
Inscription is free; you only need to send the following documents before 20 June 2013, filling the inscription form that you can download here : Registration form Eme3_plaza.doc :
- Descriptive text of the proposal with images máxim 500 words.
- Resume (individual or collective) or a byography of the show/activity
- Participation and schedule dates.
- Technical information.
Vacancy should be sent to the following email:

4. How are the projects selected?
Eme3 Team will make a selection of the received proposals, considering and trying to accept most part of them and making a plural and interesting selection. The number of selected projects will depend on the number of the received proposals, dates and schedule demand.

5. How can I know if I’ve been selected?
Eme3 Team will contact the solicitants by email. Also the selection process and results will be announced in Eme3’s web:

6. Contact
All questions by e-mail at :

What is Eme3?

Eme3 is a combination of art and design, that brings together the new producers of emergent architectures in a space for experimentation, display and debate. Eme3 generates projects that take shape in different formats (installations, urban projects, workshops, lectures, discussions and audiovisual projections) and locations, through the continuous program, eme3_on, as well as the annual encounter, eme3_festival.
Eme3 was born in 1999 in response to the need to find a space for architects, urbanists and artist from different disciplines, where they could meet and present innovative and unconventional projects that went beyond common trends in urban planning and construction. Eme3 has become a forum and facilitator for interaction and a shuttle of proposals that in a retrospective sense can be fully defined as avant-garde architecture.
The 8th edition of Eme3 Festival will celebrate at Barcelona from 27 to 30 June 2013 at Fabra I Coats, Sant Andreu. The activities will extend to 30 July. This year, the festival concept is what we call TOPIAS, the step of utopias to reality. Analyzing, discussing, testing, making mistakes and sharing we will achieve that collective intelligence to show that utopias can come true.