Open to everyone, free and a mix of cross-cutting disciplines,eme3’s goal is to make you discover and live other ways of making architecture under the topic “TOPIAS : utopias becoming real”. During these 4 days of festival (27-30 June 2013) and the month of activities (July 2013), be curious, leave your shyness at home, come to meet people and take part in this laboratory of experimentation located in the Fabra i Coats of Barcelona.

A program to explore participative approaches to architecture:
- An exhibition where you can discover projects and see installations
- Workshops for one day or more to suit all tastes and ages: you’ll be able to build, design, debate, share, fabric strange things… we assure you unexpected results!
- Projections, talks and debates to exchange in a privilegious way with the participants.
- Moments of conviviality and relax around a drink, with concerts and dj’s.

Don’t miss it!