Communication and Bottom-UP
The importance of the way stories are being told

June 28 | 20h – 22h | eme3 Plaza
limited entries
Moderates : Ethel Baraona
Participate : Edgar González, Nerea Calvillo (C+ arquitectos), Paco González, Koldo Lus (Klaus), Tiago Mota (ateliermob), Ariadna Cantis
language : translation spanish / english

Some time ago the importance of collaborative and bottom-up practices has been retaken inside the architectonic and urban planning discourse. The presence of the financial crisis and the lack of public funds has enhanced the rebirth of citizen initiatives that seek to improve their immediate environment without the need of municipal interventions. This fact is not new, and as mentioned in other occasions, the history of humanity is cyclical, as cyclical are its processes and answers; the big difference in the present moment is that through the access to information technologies, it’s much easier to track and document these practices. The constant presence in the media and social networks has been the catalyst to get events and entities again to pay attention to the emerging urbanism and its influence in various fields, including the economical.

In addition to the leitmotiv in international events, it’s also important that the projects drive record of the impulses of the place and don’t only replicate aesthetics generated in other contexts.

That’s why in moments like the current, of great social, political and economical uncertainty, it’s important to emphasize the importance that these actions and social movements be present in an active way in events as important as the Bienal of Venice, the Design Bienal of Istambul or in Architecture Festivals like Eme3, among others and in the same way, in order to generate a critical look and create meeting and debate platforms.

*Title inspired by the work “How to create Stories”