Starting from the idea of “market”, eme3 suggests the theme of COLLAPSE, as a starting point for discussion, exploration, research …

For the development of the different areas of eme3 COLLAPSE, a selection of topics was made around the concept of collapse, divided in 3 big areas: Environment (mobility, resources and climate), Economy (tourism, information and consummation) and Society (housing, public space an politic).

Numerous personalities of different ambits of the culture participates in the festival, such as Paul Virilio, Gilles Lipovetsky, Josep Acebillo, Santiago Cirugeda, Jorge Wagensberg, Juan Herreros and Enric Ruiz Geli.

The festival is located in downtown Barcelona, with the cooperation of the FAD, the MACBA and the CCCB, where they develop the contents of eme3.

The strength of these 3 interrelated areas, along with participation and support of the universities of architecture, allows to propose activities which relate to and / or confront opinions, ideas and projects.